About Us

Batik is an ancient form of wax resist dying that originated in Indonesia. My first memory of batik is a shirt I had in elementary school that had an apple, pencil, and a notebook-I loved that shirt. In 2007, when my oldest daughter was about nine months old, my sister and I tried our hands at batik for the first time making my daughter some onesies. Several years later with two young kids at home, I wanted to work from home and SJ Batik was born. As my girls got older, they needed more of me and in early 2014, with mixed emotions, I closed up SJ Batik. I continued working from home as a health and wellness coach, something I am very passionate about. I did miss the creative part batiking and never thought I would go back to it. Then, on February 14, 2018 tragedy hit my community. Soon after, I picked up my batik tools and got right to work creating shirts for my girls and I. It was cathartic. It was therapeutic. With the overwhelming response, I decided to create more than the three shirts I made for me and my girls.

Each shirt is handmade with love in Parkland, Florida.

Parkland Strong